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Remodeling Service in Montgomery, AL

Complete Remodeling Service in Montgomery, AL

Your kitchen. Your bathroom. Your entire home. We do it all! S & A Contracting is your source for comprehensive remodeling service in Montgomery, AL. Our goal is to take your ideas and make them a reality. Whether you need kitchen remodeling services, or you want to add a sunroom to expand your space, we are up to the task. As a full-service general contractor, we have been boosting the value and curb appeal of homes since 1998. Schedule a consultation and project quote today.

Make Something More of Your Home

Just because your home has looked the same for years doesn’t mean it should stay that way forever. Get creative and reimagine your place with our help. Renovate a room or redo all of them. The choice is yours. The best part is we are able to provide the professional guidance and remodeling services you need to make it happen. In fact, we are truly experts at transforming ordinary places into marvelous spaces. We offer both complete remodeling and smaller-scale renovations. Our company even handles new construction [link to new construction page] projects. These services include options such as:

  • Granite Countertops

  • New Faucets

  • New Hardware

  • Painting

  • Cabinetry

  • Hardwood Flooring

  • Tiling

  • New Appliances

  • Windows & Doors

Everything & the Kitchen Sink!

New paint can only do so much to improve an old kitchen. You know that you need something more. It’s time to consider a custom kitchen remodel. Our team works with you from concept creation to project completion to ensure your kitchen has the character you want. From replacing countertops and cabinets to installing new floors, walls, plumbing, and fixtures, we build a new kitchen that dramatically improves your cooking area.

One aspect of the kitchen that sets it apart from other rooms in the home is the need for functionality. However, that does not mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics to make your kitchen as usable as possible. Whether you want a timeless, rustic look or a chic modern style for your kitchen, we can make it happen in a way that maximizes the efficiency of the space. Let us help you by improving your kitchen’s form and function.

One-on-One Project Consultation

No one knows what is best for your kitchen more than you do. That is why we sit down with you to get to know you better and find out about your tastes and how you use your kitchen. Once we know what you want, we can come up with a kitchen that is uniquely you.

Contact us if you want to get started on your remodeling project. We proudly serve clients throughout Montgomery, AL.