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Plaster Repair

Water and Fire Damage Restoration in Montgomery, AL

A blaze or flood tearing through your property can leave behind unimaginable damage. When the danger passes, you’re left with a space that you still need to live in, but how do you move past the devastation and make a new start? At S & A Contracting, we want to help. Let us put you on the path to a full recovery by reviving your home with focused construction services. Contact us today for more information on water and fire damage restoration in Montgomery, AL.

Fire Damage Restoration—A homeowner’s worst nightmare, the damage spread by a fire goes far beyond the flames. From structural weakening to deep-soaked smoke, you face a restoration challenge that requires experience and skill to navigate effectively. We’ve seen plenty of fires, and know exactly how to save as much as possible while keeping you protected from potential dangers.

Flood Damage Recover—The aftermath of flooding might not look as dramatic as that of a fire, but it’s no less destructive. Whether it’s weakened walls or hidden mold, a quick paint job won’t make your space livable again. We can, though. Using our experience and professional-grade equipment, we help you find your feet again after a flood by giving you a completely restored home.

Contact us if you want to get started on your remodeling project. We proudly serve clients throughout Montgomery, AL.